What to do After an Auto Accident

Auto accidents come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s hard to say that certain actions must be done in order immediately following a collision. Your actions will depend on the severity of any injuries, how many people are involved and the location of the accident. There are specific steps that you will need to take, however. Here’s our advice on what to do after an auto accident.

Safety and health first

If you happen to be in an accident on a busy highway, it’s important that you’re aware of your surroundings. If you need to get out flares or direct traffic, go ahead and do so. Also, attending to any injuries should be the first thing you do. Call an ambulance if necessary. Police should be called if significant damages and/or injuries have occurred.

Stay put and get information

Never, under any circumstances, be a hit-and-run driver! No need to be in a hurry either. What’s important now is staying at the scene and exchanging information with all parties involved while you wait on the authorities. Get names, numbers, addresses, drivers’ license numbers, license plates and insurance information from the drivers involved. Any lawyer would tell you not to admit guilt, so you don’t assume legal liability before the details are worked out.

Take pictures and talk to witnesses

Your camera phone is your best friend here. Take pictures of any damages and if necessary, talk to bystanders. It may be beneficial, in some circumstances, to get the name and number of a witness.

Dealing with the aftermath

After everything has been taken care of at the accident scene, now you have to deal with the outcome. This involves contacting your insurance company and making a claim, keeping track of any medical expenses and finding an auto body shop to fix your damaged vehicle.

Be truthful with your insurance company and follow the instructions they give you. Remember, they will suggest an “authorized” collision repair center for you, but you have the legal right to obtain repairs to your vehicle at any shop of your choosing. You may also need to arrange for a tow-truck if you can’t drive away from the scene.

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