Aston Martin Repair

Aston Martin Repair

Entrust your Aston Martin repairs to a Category A Authorized Repair Facility

For normal and average automobiles, a regular repair shop will suffice. But for certain brands like Aston Martin, only a specialized repair facility will do. And if you want to be officially recognized as a repair facility for Aston Martin, your operation has to be flawless from start to finish.

When Aston Martin first approached 1st Class Auto for their program, they were immediately impressed by our strong focus on high-quality collision and body repair work, as well as our high customer satisfaction rate. Both are absolute requirements for the Aston Martin body repair program.

There are thousands of small details that set Aston Martin vehicles apart. Therefore, not just anyone is entrusted to repair and work on these vehicles. To make sure your Aston Martin gets the absolute best service, both skilled mechanics and genuine parts are required. At 1st Class Auto, we employ highly skilled automotive technicians, as well as the specialized equipment to repair your Aston Martin.

When your car is finished being repaired, there won’t be any doubt that it has been restored to its original brilliance. You also won’t have to wait for weeks and weeks for the job to be completed. At first class, we have the right training, tools, parts and experience to get your Aston Martin road ready right away.

When you bring it into 1st Class, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Specially authorized and certified automotive technicians.

Factory authorized parts.

Water borne paint color calibration to Aston Martin exacting standards.

Pickup and delivery service.

Personalized customer service.

To learn more about our credentials in working on the world’s best vehicles, like Aston Martin, give us a call or stop by our Pompano Beach auto repair facility. We’ll answer your questions with fast, friendly and professional service.

Aston Martin Repair