Dark Side of Auto Repair

In a new report released by CNN, more and more car repair shops and insurance companies are doing whatever it takes to have the cheapest outcome on your work and claim.

It starts with the insurance companies. When it comes to your repairs, the report found that more and more companies are pushing for cheap and even sometimes dangerous parts to be used. The first thing they do is guide the consumer towards auto body shops that they know will break the rules and be aligned with their shady practices.

“Owners say the insurance companies steer their policy holders toward body shops that follow their rules, providing a vital source of business,” CNN reported.

Once you are locked in with a shady garage, the next stop is using a band aid for a bullet hole. The report talks about headlights that were glued together and new hoods that were prone to come apart.

The question the consumers have been asking is, What can I do to ensure I am getting quality service and the right parts are going into my car?

Make sure you are going with an established, reputable auto repair shop for your luxury, sport and high-performance automobiles. 1st Class Auto, for example, will never cut corners on parts or labor. You vehicle will be restored to its original beauty, as if it just was rolled off the line. Don’t take a chance—call 1st Class today.

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