Post-Accident Advice

There are over a half of a billion registered cars in the United States. With that many, it’s only a matter of time before an accident happens. From simple fender-benders to completely destroyed autos, car wrecks can happen out of nowhere and the series of steps you take in those moments right after the impact can make all the difference.

To begin with, understand that even the most “irreplaceable” car is not more valuable than your health and well being. Before you jump out and check the damage, look and listen to your body. Some head injuries and internal bleeding issues may not be noticed right away. If you feel like something isn’t right, wait on medical help to arrive.

Second, evaluate what happened? Did the accident happen on private property and were you at fault? No need to increase your insurance rates or involve the police if you don’t have to. If the incident occurred in a public area and it wasn’t your fault, you need to get law enforcement involved.

A sad truth is that all too often the driver who caused the wreck is very nice and agreeable at the spot, but then when you leave, the story changes when the insurance company gets involved. Either get a written statement from the other driver or get a police report on file.

Last, don’t accept any plea, deal, arrangement or settlement from the driver at fault or his/her insurance company. The insurance company may even offer a little “extra” to help close the deal. You may not know the full extent of your injuries until days or even weeks later. It is also good to do your own research. Find the best luxury auto body repair company possible so there’s never any doubt your vehicle will be returned to its original splendor.