Do You Need Structured Aluminum Repair?

Luxury cars and high performance automobiles require different attention when it comes to maintenance and repair. Not just any collision and repair shop will work, especially when taking into account the parts, labor and what body shop is actually authorized from the manufacture to complete the work.
Insurance companies can quickly get involved as well, post-wreck, and will try to steer you towards the cheapest and most beneficial repair facility. That can be a big waste of time as if the shop is not an official and authorized facility, your car will just have to be shipped to the correct one, anyway.
The best course of action for your vehicle is go to a certified dealer that will have you covered from start to finish. 1st Class Auto, for example, a lot of the time is the only body and repair shop in Florida that is truly authorized to work on your structured aluminum repair.
1st Class will fight for you to ensure you get the absolute best aluminum repair for your luxury vehicle. Have questions? Get free advice from an expert now: 877-380-6854.

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