Luxury Auto Repair–What Matters Most

If you have had the unfortunate experience of going through an accident with your luxury vehicle or sports car, it can be a horrific experience. But returning your vehicle to its original factory self, shouldn’t be an issue at all.
So the debate lies in what is most important when looking at an factory repair shop for your ride.
A lot of people argue that the most important aspect is whether the coachworks facility is officially authorized by the manufacturer to do the work. Anyone can claim they can repair a Jaguar, for example, but very few shops have the training and certification from the company themselves.
Other people want the facility to stand behind the work. It is easy to talk about service and doing the correct repair right the first time, but what about a lifetime warranty after the repair is completed?
Both aspects are extremely important, so why not go with a repair shop that has both?
They didn’t cut corners when they made your vehicle, and your repair shop shouldn’t either.
1st Class Auto is your authorized European coachworks that backs their work with a limited lifetime warranty. Get your appointment scheduled now: 1-877-380-6854

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