Luxury Auto Body Painting – Overview

Luxury Auto Body Painting – Overview

Luxury auto painting on a Tesla in Pompano

Our Auto Painting Facility is Equipped to Paint High End Vehicles

1st Class Auto in Pompano Beach is equipped with the latest innovations in automotive painting to match or surpass the quality of its original showroom finish. We now use the Spies Hecker waterborne paint systems to attain that rapid hardening that only a factory can create by comparison. Hardening is the chief hurdle in automotive painting. The aerosol spray paints that are sold in cans lack hardener and are thus never able to achieve the same glossy perfect coats as a professional paint system. The Spies Hecker waterborne paint system rapidly hardens the finish to achieve results that mirror or surpass the enamel paints baked onto the cars at the factory.

Preparing for the Painting

The laborious side of the paint job is the preparation. We use electric and air-powered sanders, air compressors, and professional masking products to prepare your car for paint with a spray gun. For the most luxurious paint jobs, there may be several phases of painting and ultra-fine sanding to achieve that showroom finish. Our technicians receive extensive factory training to paint specialty cars like those produced by Tesla, metallic paints, and other complex multi-stage paints. Painting luxury autos requires far more advanced techniques and attention to detail.

We Know How to Prep Your Luxury Vehicle for the Best Paint Job

Humidity in the air is such an important factor in the painting process. We control the humidity in our bake booth where we paint the luxury autos. We use triple filtered paint booths to remove any dust in the air. Even the tiniest particles can ruin a perfect showroom finish. If there are any oily residues or waxes on the body of the car, the paint will never set properly.

We perfectly prep your auto for paint and lay the best paint systems down in the ideal sterilized environment. We are able to match any color of factory paint with our color spectrometer. We take great pains to ensure that the final dried product exactly matches the correct color. Other economy paint shops may simply say that the original paint on your auto is sun-faded as the reason for a mismatched paint.

Full Body Painting Process:

  • Tear down and Strip
  • Sheet metal Repair
  • Laser Body Alignment
  • Preparation and Primer
  • Laying the Paint
  • Cutting and Buffing

This process is far more extensive and involved than repairing a section of body damage and spot painting to match. We have to strip the car to the bare metal, repair it, and align it perfectly before we even get into the paint. Preparing for the primer and sanding down between multiple coats of primer is very laborious. Laying the paint evenly and smoothly is an art that requires years of experience and extensive training. The match is the most difficult side of a spot paint repair. The base coats and primers may change the final hue of the paint, even if things looked great on a test spray.

So if you own a Tesla, Aston Martin, Porsche, Range Rover or other luxury vehicle and require only the best results by factory trained specialists, be sure to contact 1st Class Auto in Pompano Beach.