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More Than an Auto Body Shop

When people think about a mechanic or auto repair shop, they often focus on the word “repair.” Auto body shops like 1st Class Auto do much more than just repair your vehicle. The truth is, 1st Class Auto work to make sure that their customers are completely satisfied with their service from start to finish […]

Things to Look for in a Collision Shop

By now, must people have come to realize that things aren’t always as they are advertised. That is especially true when it comes to mechanic work and repair shops. You want an establishment that you can trust but that also isn’t going to break the bank every time you need work done. More specifically, when […]

Dark Side of Auto Repair

In a new report released by CNN, more and more car repair shops and insurance companies are doing whatever it takes to have the cheapest outcome on your work and claim. It starts with the insurance companies. When it comes to your repairs, the report found that more and more companies are pushing for cheap […]

Have Your Luxury Vehicle Fixed While You’re Gone

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how it happened—if your European automobile, sports car or luxury vehicle is damaged, then it needs fixed. Instead of calling different body shops, arranging transportation or towing services, trying to figure out what company is qualified for what task, etc., etc.,—just contact 1st Class Auto. To […]

Authorized Dealer a Must for Auto Body Repair Work

If you have been in an auto accident, then you have to deal with a lot of different things. You have to worry about your health, the status of your vehicle, any other vehicles that were involved, insurance claims and much more. The last thing you should have to worry about is whether or not […]